/ For every body / Palmagente stands for supporting any kind of beauty – for every body type for advantage of every woman!

The Swiss-based brand Palmagente was born out of the desire to redefine the way women look and feel in their swimwear by celebrating and flattering each curve and shape, not hide them. Every Palmagente piece is carefully developed with this in mind – fuelled by the challenge to provide a perfect, ultra-comfortable fit for every female body type.

Inspired by a modern breed of femininity that blends beauty and strength, sensuality and power, its off-season collections celebrate the allure of beach glow and comfort of sport chic style. Every single item can be playfully combined with any other one as well as easily paired with a classy suit, tailored shirt or your boyfriend’s jeans.

Relying on nothing but the finest fabrics and elegant yet bold designs – Palmagente collaborated with the Swiss leading textile manufacturer, Jakob Schläpfer. Thanks to an exclusivity agreement granted to the brand, there is no single other product worldwide which has such sequins technology, ensuring our clientele a totally unique product with highly distinguishing features, and made-in-Switzerland irreproachable quality.